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Social Planning Council of Ottawa Main Office
150 Gloucester St 
Ottawa, Ont  K2P 0A6



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April Carriere

Coordinator, Effective Measures

aprilc@spcottawa.on.ca613-236-9300 ext. 301


Audrey Niyonzima

Coordinator (Francophone), Ethnocultural Seniors Project; 613-413-4648


Abdelaziz Mahdjoubi

CIMS Manager; 613-236-9300 ext. 311


Anna Lenk

Evaluation Consultant, Effective Measure; 613-236-9300 ext. 308


Anoosh Noorizadeh-Kollou

Coordinator, Youth Leadership for Change; 613-236-9300 ext. 305


Dianne Urquhart 

Executive Director; 613-236-9300 ext. 303


Heather Hunter

Program Coordinator & Communications; 613-236-9300 ext. 312 


Sarah Fraser-Smith

Community House Evaluation Assistant; 613-413-4656


Stefka Patchova

Geographic Information System Researcher; 613-236-9300 ext. 306


Sybil Braganza

Coordinator, Ethnocultural Seniors Project; 613-501-1508


Sarah MacNeil

Project Coordinator; 613-236-9300 ext. 301


Wen-Jean Ho

Coordinator, Ethnocultural Seniors Project

wenjeanho@spcottawa.on.ca613-236-9300 ext. 313


Please note that Just Food (including the Community Gardening Network, Savour Ottawa, FarmON and Food For All) has moved to a new location:
2389 Pepin Court
Ottawa, ON K2B 4Z3