Giving Tuesday: Supporting Youth Employment

Help youth facing unemployment gain valuable hands on skills and job placements in the green renovation sector!
The Social Planning Council of Ottawa works with grassroots groups and community agencies across Ottawa to research and address issues facing residents of Ottawa.
This year your donation to the Social Planning Council of Ottawa will support youth who face employment challenges while helping to grow the green renovation sector, through our Building Greener Futures Together initiative.
Building Greener Futures Together uses a two-fold approach to support youth employment while delivering a triple bottom line for the community.
The two-fold approach:
1 - Provide youth with hands on training and job placements in the green renovation industry.
2 – Support the expansion of Ottawa’s green renovation sector.
The triple bottom line:
1 – An increase in youth employment rates and youth employability skills.
2 – Increased economic activity in the green renovations sector.
3 – Greener and more sustainable housing in Ottawa.
Your donation will go towards helping youth get hands on training from a skilled tradesman in green renovations. It will provide youth with paid job placements and the equipment and tools he/she will need to start their career in the sector.


Donate today.