Partnering for Success in Youth Employment

Partnering for Success in Youth Employment (PSYE) is a partnership initiative to ensure all Ottawa youth aged 15-29 have the opportunity to build secure employment or entrepreneurship opportunities for themselves, while supporting local economic development.  PSYE is coordinated by the Social Planning Council of Ottawa and currently has 18 partners.  Visit the PSYE website.

By mobilizing a broad cross-section of the community, PSYE develops innovative ways to better connect qualified youth with relevant skills to interested employer and entrepreneurial opportunities.  PSYE wants young innovators with a fresh perspective to help drive our local economy.  It is comprised of four inter-related strategies that are opening up reliable, equitable and efficient pathways to address unemployment and underpemployment for local young people:

  • Ensuring youth are well prepared to support the new economy, with "credentials" to prove it;
  • Creating effective pathways for youth to connect to meaningful economic opportunities;
  • Building effective systems and cross-sector colalboration;
  • Expanding local economic opportunities and making the local job market more transparent.

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