The SPCO has been a landing place for over 198 local youths (aged 18-30) looking to transition into meaningful, skilled, and well-compensated employment. To accomplish this, we provide paid training, paid job placements, and follow-ups.

Why Our Program is Different:

  • Youth-Centred: We meet youths where they are and provide an environment where they feel in control of their careers and futures.
  • Mentorship Strategy: Our unique “Employment Incubator” spaces allow for skills sharing, peer mentorships, career-oriented connections, and entrepreneur skills development in setting where relationships are established on a more equal footing, as opposed to a hierarchical basis.
  • Encourage Jobs that Support Progress: We don’t push our youths into just any job. Our goal is to equip youths with the skills and confidence they need to obtain and attain a good, long-term career with opportunities for growth and development.
  • Focus on Motivation: We work with closely with youths, using the resources of our social enterprises to harness and cultivate their existing skills, motivating them towards a brighter future.
  • Skills and Training: While many employment programs focus on pushing “hard skills” that are teachable and measurable, our team also focuses on developing “soft skills”, which focuses on helping youths, especially newcomers, effectively communicate and become more aware of
    cultural norms in Ottawa, so they have a greater chance of succeeding in the workplace.
  • Building Connections: We connect youth to local community resources to promote healthy and productive social relationships, and to increase access and awareness of support and resources that are available to them.

Our Services

Career-Oriented Training and Mentorship:

paid training

Soft Skills Training: For youths with limited education and English language experience.

Career Development Training:
For youths with post-secondary education who are under-employed.

Paid Job Placements

Youths placed in opportunities relative to skill set, and education level.


Youths receive ongoing support through regular meet-ups to receive mentorship, share skills acquired, and reflect on development.


  • 109 Received General Employment Support
  • 89 Received Training and/or a Paid Work Placement
  • 89% of youths who received paid training and paid work placements found employment, and
  • 4.9% returned to school. 5.6% remain in training with SPCO.


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