Ottawa Region Data Consortium

Become a Member

  • What You Access:
  • Customized Statistics Canada data, which is specifically designed to provide community organizations and municipalities with information on social and economic trends in the community.

What You Gain:

  •  An understanding of the social and economic needs of the community you serve (you define your boundaries).
  •  Data that can be provided to your stakeholders in funding applications, newsletters, and other
  • Ability to monitor the impact of your programs and services.

Fee Structure:

  • Membership works on a cost sharing model. Suggested fees are based on your operating budget. (See Chart Below)


Organization BudgetMembership fees (cash and/or in-kind)
<$500,000$500 and/or in-kind
$500,000 – $2,000,000$1,000
$2,000,000 – $5,000,000$2,500
Organizations with data as primary mandate$3,000
  • if the suggested annual membership fee would be hardship, we will work with you to negotiate a fair contribution

I’m ready to become a member! How can I join?

We’re so excited to have you aboard! 

Please connect with SPCO’s Data and Geographic Information System Coordinator, Stefka Patchova, at

SPCO will work with you and your organization to discuss your current needs, reasonable pricing, and enroll you in your membership. 

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