The Social Planning Council of Ottawa is dedicated to supporting communities across the city. They engage in ongoing projects to uplift underserved families and vulnerable populations. Through providing resources, advocating for equitable policies, and fostering collaboration, they aim to make a positive impact. Their mission is centered on empowering and improving the lives of those they serve.

Community Connect April 2024

SPCO’s Social Impact Month celebrates Ottawa’s non-profit sector for its resilience and community support. Non-profits play a vital role in navigating challenges like economic downturns and health crises. The initiative aims to raise awareness about their contributions to well-being and inclusivity. Participation opportunities are available for those interested in supporting these efforts.

The Social Planning Council of Ottawa (SPCO) recently concluded its inaugural Social Impact Month, featuring events aimed at supporting youth, newcomers, and seniors. This successful initiative spotlighted the crucial role of social service organizations in bolstering community resilience. Throughout the month, these organizations, with SPCO support, hosted activities addressing challenges like economic downturns, health crises, and social disparities. By providing targeted support, the events significantly contributed to fostering a more resilient and inclusive society.

June Newsletter

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