YECO-Youth Engagement and Community Outreach

Youth Engagement and Community Outreach (YECO) is a self-organized group of youth from low-income, immigrant and racialized communities.  It was established in January 2021 as a dialogue forum for issues related to gun violence. Most of the group have lost close relatives or friends to homicide.  They understand the trauma of gun violence infused into the community.  The young people have been having conversations on-line and in-person on coping with the negative impact of gun violence.  Supported by the Social Planning Council of Ottawa, YECO organized on August 7, 2022, a Town Hall Meeting at the Bronson Center with 25 youth for a panel discussion on the impact of, and community response to gun violence.  YECO is resolved to help Black, racialized and newcomer youth integrate into communities that are safe and healthy. 

If you are interested to discuss or learn more about YECO, check out the website: or follow them at:

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