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Community Economic Development

Community Economic Development (CED) is focused on improving a local economy’s ability to serve its people.

Access to Basics

Access to Basics focuses on people’s capacity to access the things that they need most. Among these basic needs are shelter, food, education, employment and health.

Creating Inclusion

Inclusion assures each citizen the opportunity to fully participate in realizing aspirations.

Research and Voluntary Sector Supports

SPC delivers five broad types of research the voluntary sector needs

Counting on Culture: Impacts and Indicators in Ottawa

We are pleased to present the first edition of the Counting on Culture: Impacts and Indicators in Ottawa, a set of culture indicators intended to provide a window on cultural activity in Ottawa.

Community organizations and governments alike have long recognized the need for comprehensive, consistent, and reliable culture data collection and regular reporting of culture indicators. In May 2016, the Ottawa Culture Research Group (OCRG) was created as an informal collaboration of community, academic, and government partners working together to share culture data and research and to develop culture indicators. This report is the result of that collaboration.

We're Hiring

The SPCO is hiring a Community Based Researcher and Data Analyst.   This is a full time position for six months to assist our Geographic Information System specialist on a range of data projects.   See the details here. 

Giving Tuesday: Supporting Youth Employment

Help youth facing unemployment gain valuable hands on skills and job placements in the green renovation sector!
The Social Planning Council of Ottawa works with grassroots groups and community agencies across Ottawa to research and address issues facing residents of Ottawa.
This year your donation to the Social Planning Council of Ottawa will support youth who face employment challenges while helping to grow the green renovation sector, through our Building Greener Futures Together initiative.

Minority Ethnocultural Seniors

MECS represents a number of ethno-cultural senior grassroots groups in Ottawa. These groups provide a wide range of recreational, social and educational opportunities and activities and are looking for seniors to join them.


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Partnering for Success in Youth Employment

Partnering for Success in Youth Employment (PSYE) is a partnership initiative to ensure all Ottawa youth aged 15-29 have the opportunity to build secure employment or entrepreneurship opportunities for themselves, while supporting local economic development.  PSYE is coordinated by the Social Planning Council of Ottawa and currently has 18 partners.  Visit the PSYE website.

Youth Action Now: Paul Dewar’s community action initiative

The Social Planning Council of Ottawa is pleased to host the Youth Action Now initiative, launched by Paul Dewar in June 2018.    


What does Youth Action Now do?

Youth Action Now brings together young people from diverse backgrounds to support their collective leadership and increase their impact in making positive change within their communities.

Learn from us: Evaluation Workshops presented by Effective Measures

Through the Effective Measures project, the Social Planning Council offers workshops in evaluation and data use; the cost is on a sliding scale. Most of these workshops are 2 hours long. They can be customized to respond to the evaluation needs of your organization.

Please contact April Carrière at to obtain more information about workshops. 



Evaluation for everyone

We've Moved!

The SPC has moved to a new location.  You can now find our offices at:

150 Gloucester St

Ottawa, ON

K2P 0A6


We look forward to seeing you in our new space!

Partnering for Success in Youth Employment

Partnering for Success in Youth Employment (PSYE) is a collective impact initiative to improve labour market outcomes for 15-29 year olds in Ottawa.  We will increase participation in the labour market and other employment outcomes, by creating pathways to economic opportunities (employment and entrepreneurship) for youth living in disadvantaged neighbourhoods.  PSYE is coordinated by the Social Planning Council of Ottawa and currently has 18 partners.  For more information visit the

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