The Social Planning Council of Ottawa (SPCO) has contributed to the increased capacity of voluntary sector organizations to use research and evaluation in their efforts to provide effective programming for members of our community. Lending our experience in social research, policy analysis, and community consultation to non-profit organizations and community members, we produce and integrate ncommunity-based research in planning processes and act on priority social and economic issues. Our projects benefit from superior access to data, thanks to our membership in the Community Data Consortium, and to the full range of skills, knowledge, and expertise of our SPCO staff and volunteers.

Four Key Points of Voluntary Sector Supports

Provide The Necessary Information to Take Action on Priority Areas

Provide a thematic research update that will be used to develop action plans, coordinate resources,
and advocate & engage partners. The NEI tracks change on neighbourhood well-being & equity.

Access to Reliable data

Provide access to reliable data to empower communities in their efforts for building an equitable society. (Data for Purpose, customized data & report)

Program Eveluation

Effective Measures support community programs to develop and implement effective programs and track outcomes. Ensured internal (program processes) & external (funders) accountability of programs by investigating program processes, and outcomes, and
developing evidence-based reports.

Community Development Evaluation and custom Data Portal

Gather program evaluation data, including all the Community Development Framework neighbourhoods.


  • Three Reports Created Relating to Priority Issues
  • Presentations to Decision-Makers in Ottawa
  • Launch of Ottawa
  • Neighborhood Community Index (NEI)
  • 22 Agencies Use Our Data Portal


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