For over 15 years, the Social Planning Council of Ottawa (SPCO) has provided a platform for non-profit organizations working to promote inclusion. Our resources and expertise in resource development, financial management, communications, research, planning, implementation, partnerships, networking, and policy development provides the means for grassroots organizations to effectively address exclusion.

Three Inclusion Highlights

Improve Living Condition

Improve living conditions for people and communities facing exclusion.

Support Changes-Makers

Support the organizations and people addressing exclusion.

Advance Policy Change

build inclusive environments and advance systemic change.

Thanks to our focus on inclusion, residents are equipped with critical knowledge and information that drives positive community change. Individuals, families, and communities facing exclusion have increased access to resources and opportunities, and local change-makers are able to provide invaluable services to those who need it most.

Of the Organizations Using Our Platform Supports This Year

Residents who were BIPOC (BLACK, INDIGENOUS, PEOPLE OF COLOUR) were led by them, primarily focused on antiracism and inclusion.

We were advising mental wellness, most Directed by people with lived experience of mental health issues.  


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