Cowan Coding Club


Youth learning tech   -   Helping non-profits   -   Leading change


Cowan Coding Club (CCC) builds the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) skills of young people from low income neighbourhoods, where there are fewer job opportunities.  Youth learn a range of critical soft and hard digital skills essential for success in the jobs of today and tomorrow – particularly ICT roles within diverse economic sectors from health to business. Through hands-on activities, youth work on their own projects and on ICT projects for non-profit organizations in Ottawa.

CCC creates pathways for youth to connect to meaningful education and economic opportunities in Ottawa including access to career oriented mentors.   Delivered in the GenerationeXt Incubators, it brings technology to bear on equity issues in the City – for groups facing barriers in the labour market and between neighbourhoods.  Cowan Coding Club is a partnership with Britannia Woods Community House, Daryeel A Youth A Seniors Serving Agency and the Association of South Sudanese Nuer Languages Institute.  It includes a fledgling social enterprise called “Technology, Research and Communications” supporting the voluntary sector.  We are grateful for the support of The Cowan Foundation, the Cooperators and the Royal Bank Foundation.  We sincerely thank the 20 professionals who volunteered as mentors, coaches, trainers and advisors.  Special thanks to Jeyananthan Sivakumaran, a volunteer referred by ISisters Technology Mentoring, who developed our first custom curriculum.