SPCO Community Outreach Program

Through our Community Outreach Program, the SPCO’s employment and community development team actively engages the community, forming partnerships and championing social justice and positive change. This program harmonizes with local agencies, residents, and decision-makers to devise an outreach strategy that effectively addresses the diverse social and economic needs of Ottawa’s population.

Services offered

We facilitate access to quality jobs, offer support in crafting resumes and cover letters, provide placement opportunities and training, extend career counseling and guidance, foster entrepreneurship and self-employment, and encourage mentorship and networking.

  • Arts/Culture
  • Employment
  • Mental Health
  • Recreation/Sports
  • Housing/Shelter
  • Volunteering
  • Legal/Justice Service
  • Education/Skill Development

For more information

Please include in your message the following :

  • Your correct email address. 
  • The best phone number to reach you.
  • The service you are interested in. 

Our Employment Services

paid training

Soft Skills Training: For youths with limited education and English language experience.

Career Development Training:
For youths with post-secondary education who are under-employed.

Paid Job Placements

Youths placed in opportunities relative to skill set, and education level.


Youths receive ongoing support through regular meet-ups to receive mentorship, share skills acquired, and reflect on development.

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